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Hello MF'ers! Welcome to The Pulp, Mom's Fresh Juice's new weekly blog. Here, you'll get a behind the scenes look at what we're all about, tips, tricks and recipes to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle and learn more about why we juice what we juice. 

Now that you're here, let me tell you a little story about how Mom's Fresh got it's start -- 

It all sparked when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just as anyone would be when they get that kind of news, we were shocked, scared and confused. However, we knew that we would get through it all together. Upon receiving her diagnosis, my mom began blending up all kinds of veggies and fruits in an effort to boost her health. Every morning during the time that she was receiving radiation therapy to treat the cancer, she would bring me a fresh drink. For the most part, she would always include ginger, parsley, lemon, apple and kale. Although there was always something different thrown in, those were the mainstays. 

I was baffled by the fantastic energy, glow and overall healthy vibe she displayed. The doctors told her she would gain weight on the medication she was taking and they told her she would be tired from the radiation, among other side effects. To our surprise, she did not exhibit any of the side effects. When I asked her why she thought that was, she replied, "it's the juice." Juicing was the only significant change she made since receiving her diagnosis. 

Although cancer is unpredictable, hers is currently in remission and she is still doing great. 

When my mom completed her radiation treatment, we thought about how what we learned from her situation could help other people. Apparently, there are entire institutes dedicated to treating cancer with juice and raw food diets. Let me remind you that we are only a juice company and we are not doctors. However, the reasoning is clear -- plants, vegetables & fruits = health. Straight from the earth and into your body. 

My mom blended her juices with a Vitamix. After doing more research, it was clear that cold-pressed juice was the way to go. We use a Green Star Elite juicer. Same concept, different method. We juice in small batches (2-3 drinks per round) to ensure the best flavor and concentration of nutrients. 

Mom's Fresh Juice Co. was founded in May of 2014 and my mom has been with us every step of the way. Our Green Aid is inspired by the juices she would make for herself and our family. 

Thanks for reading and check back soon for super informative (and fun) posts from Mom's Fresh Juice! 


-Farz Farrokhnia


Mom (and her three sons), Thanksgiving 2014

Mom (and her three sons), Thanksgiving 2014

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