Born from love. Made with care. 



The Beginning


In the fall of 2013, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. My whole family was so worried but I knew that we'd all get through this together. Little did I know that my mom's path to recovery would be such a gift to me. Following a lumpectomy, radiation treatment and various medications, my mom was given the "all clear" by her doctor. What does this have to do with juice, you ask? Well, during her treatment and throughout the entire process, my mother would bring me a smoothie almost every morning – smoothies that she started making after receiving her diagnosis. Usually a potent blend of greens, ginger and some occasional fruit, the smoothies kept my mom's energy up, kept her looking healthy, feeling great and tasted fantastic to boot! Mom, with  her bright, inspiring attitude  encouraged me to start Mom's Fresh Juice Co.  

- Farz


The First Venture


Mom's Fresh Juice Co. was started in the spring of 2014. Throughout the next year, the MF Juice crew (ranging from 1 to 9 people, at any given moment) worked our way through a tiny studio apartment kitchen, a cramped corner "kitchen" of a cafe and finally, our very own production space. Our first brick & mortar location was opened in Downtown El Paso in November of 2014. Since then, we've grown and relocated to a larger space in the Kern/UTEP area, complete with our own restroom, which we were really excited about.  


The Mission



When you eat well, you feel well. Mom's Fresh Juice is made with tons of love and LOTS of fresh produce. We present raw juice in its purest form. Made from the best quality fruits and veggies, Mom's Fresh Juice is cold-pressed, unpasteurized and bottled for your benefit. Consuming adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables can be a challenge in this day and age. Mom's Fresh Juice provides essential enzymes and micronutrients – each as important to the body as the other and each sensitive to traditional food processing, heating and cooking. 

Here at Mom's Fresh Juice, we believe juicing is the most accessible and simple solution to combat the chronic undernourishment that many Americans experience nowadays. Along with our juices, we plan to offer many healthy, real and raw food items in the very near future. We encourage everyone to raise a glass (or bottle!) of juice and join the thousands of individuals who make the switch every day to a healthier and more conscious diet. 

Get fresh with us! 

click image to learn more about artist, Christin Apodaca

click image to learn more about artist, Christin Apodaca